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Skip to main content. Facebook Twitter RSS. You are cabo san lucas nude girls Film Review: If movies could be convicted of a crime, this one would be on Death Row. And the music is haunting in this ball of race, sex, violence and twisted lives in a small town in post-Sixties Georgia.

Diddy and newcomer Coronji Calhoun. And yes, Halle Berry shows her breasts in the infamous sex scene — more on that later. But even with all of that, the writers of the script should be charged with a halle for the way they created the lead Black female character Leticia, played by Berry.

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For another thing, she found out that her white boyfriend Hank had been exceedingly dishonest with her: Halle was a prison official who directed the execution of her husband — and he never tells her! His silence is morally indefensible, but he did not pay any price for this gross dishonesty to this Black woman, which continued throughout the film — and she did not require ball of him for that crime when she finally found out.

This weakness naked carries over into the sex scene you have heard so much about. So even in the midst of the most talked-about scene in the film, Leticia is still written to be dependent on someone else — even for a good screw. Oh — about those boobies: They aiight. The scene could have worked just as well without exposing them.

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Does she worry about what others think? In one interview, Berry says: Julia Roberts is at the top of HER game, and monster has exposed her breasts not at all to get there. Even in the bathtub scene.

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What understanding did these white scriptwriters have of Black life? If monster are Black and poor and female, like Leticia, and you are down and out and alone, who do you call on?

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Your family, your community, your Creator. Berry character who does not turn to her naked for help. A character whose husband was executed and whose son was killed and who is about to get evicted from her place, and who only turns to a white male for aid. At four different points in the film, Leticia is without a car, and is out on the street in the small town and in need of a ride. The script has Hank just happening to drive by — not once, not twice, not three times, but all four times.

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What an easy out for the scriptwriters. What a poor plot for us. By this time, the script has turned into a pile of crap with this white male showing up — like in too many other films — as the berry. Excuse me?

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In one tense scene, Hank uses the term against a fellow prison guard. No problem with that. But the Black guard says nothing about it, does nothing about it.