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Chris Cote is a lot of things.

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You asked for it. Someone correct me on that. The ad was a surprise to me and caused many people to vomit. I think I also got paid extra to work the show in righty-whitey underpants as well. Ah … Memories. I was confused. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me nauseous.

And, ultimately, it made me want Cote for dinner. Anyway, I figured I would reach out and catch up with the man about, well, that time in his life. Nude Woodsmall: What the hell happened?

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How did that ever make it to print nude the ad? Chris Cote I was done being a b-grade pro surfer. My friend was the manager for Isreali porn and I became friends with the band. While on tour we had a lot of time to do silly shit. I was a bit younger and down for whatever, so I became sort of the band mascot: We did shit like this all the time.

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The magazine was called The ShowTaylor Steele made it. It had a bunch nude mock ads in it. This was one of them. You were a drum tech for Blink at the time? How did being a roadie turn into having your face pissed nude with what looks like food covering your body? If nude this, what was the weirdest thing you did while touring for Blink ? I got a lot of benefits for being the only guy around the tour with no girlfriend; groupies were sent my way, which was pretty awesome, at the time.

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Personally, I did some very weird things to myself and to others, a lot of times with a small viewing audience. For the most part back then, all the surf ads were shot with a fish eye and the surfer in the ad would be eating food, like nude burrito or cereal — why was everybody eating tacos in sunglasses ads?

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If you were asked by Annie Cote to recreate the scene, what would be cote updated version of the ad? What would replace the food?

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Michael Woodsmall. Yes, this cote an ad.

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