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Big Willy Unleashed. This living weapon was made by Orthopox and has comparable strength to the Saucer. Big Willy, by physical willy, was invulnerable thanks to a special alloy in his armor and was superior in strength. Big Willy's only weakness is his battery: His battery always runs down slowly, and also represents his ammo for his weapons that use it up at varying speeds.

Thankfully, in the event the Big Willy runs out of big, it can be recharged by electrical weapons, the Zap-O-Matic or Ball Lightning.


The first weapon equipped to Big Willy was the Regurgitron. It allows Big Willy to spew acid from his mouth in order to destroy whatever is in front of Big Willy. It's Big Willy's worst weapon, it's weak, it can't destroy buildings, and puts Big Willy videos a screeching halt. Although it hardly uses any battery.

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Heat Ray: No Robot Mech would be complete without black sex in detroit eyes! The weapon spewed out tons of corrosive material from Big Willy behind in a huge wave all around the mech. With the videos, sound, and placement of the weapon, it actually looked as though Big Willy farted.

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That weapon destroys buildings on contact, akin to the Quantum Deconstructor. This weapon does drain a huge chunk of battery every use however. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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