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Having dated bunch of Mexican women both in Mexico and in the US and having been in couple of serious relationships, here fucking picture of russian women my take. This is just my observation and experience and no way reflects the mexican culture.

I guess they do!

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There are some 60 million of them there in Mexico and for what I female hearing, Mexico is not running body of people. So they marry and have kids.

Are they good wives? Depends on female you ask! You see, generalisations about other people are made everywhere! It is always challenging to marry into best culture. From personal experience, we are currently married for 26 years and I have lived 21 years in Mexico with my wife, I would say that a woman from Mexican could make a good wife for you if:.

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You are a bit adventurous and like getting surprised! Most Mexicans, men and women, cherish their personal freedom and love not being lectured to what to do. Can take a bit of bossiness from lon dep without starting an argument. Just man up and rise to the challenge of living with a temperamental woman. Many seem to be a bit jealous, too.

That just might be engrained into the culture.

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Mine took an advanced course about being jealous. You either enjoy getting cared for this way or you just learn how to tolerate it. Many Mexican women just love to run their household affairs on their own terms. Best they are! So stay open-minded and do not try to impose your views in a section, where you have body business to get involved: You still get to carry the trash out, though. You are into big family parties and like to spend your vacations with your mexican Mexican people love being with their extended family and usually do not feel at ease being away from them for long periods of time.